Follow-up care

Temporary restoration

The one-piece implants of nature Implants provide a reliable basis, in order to achieve the essential prosthetic concepts. A new designed, bigger implant head as well as an innovative thread geometry guarantee a maximum of stability for the patient, thus unclouded joy with the new dentures.

During the healing period (8-12 weeks after the surgery), the implants will be protected against masticatory stress and tongue pressure by the temporary restoration.

For every kind of aesthetic demands, nature Implants serves the suitable solution: From simple interlocking up to using facets, such as in case of an anterior restoration.Every kind of dentures is possible.

A comparison: fixed dentures vs. removable dentures

If one compares fixed and removable dentures, there will be shown significant differences. Fixed dentures include bridges, which are anchored on the implants. These dentures are the most equivalent to the human teeth.

Removable dentures, such as prothesis, not only appear often rather unaesthetic, but also they might involve grinding healthy teeth. Moreover, full dentures can cause an overstraining for the own teeth, whereas fixed implants prevent that from happening. Especially for patients with more complex and narrow jaw situation, it is a highly recommended procedure. The dental care is easy to handle for the patient, since the prothesis is removable and can be taken in and out for cleaning.

Due to the insertion of implants, the dentures are palate free – this particularly results high comfort and the best taste experience.

The amount of implants

The appropriate amount of inserted implants is an important fact, which serves the long-term success for the patient's treatment. In order to accomplish this goal, the Association of Implant Dentists in Europe (BDIZ) declared a guideline, complying with bone quality, implant length and diameter. Taking into account these conditions, the BDIZ recommends to insert 6-8 implants in case of a toothless upper jaw with fixed dentures, and 4-6 implants for a removable prothesis. For a toothless lower jaw, the BDIZ recommends the first option of 4-6 implants – for a removable option it involves 2-4 implants.

In order to achieve long-term success, we recommend to insert the maximum amount of dental implants. Thus, the masticatory forces will be distributed on various pillars. Also, the implants' durability show a significant improvement. Ideal conditions for a long-term success in implantology.

New dentures within 14 days

All requirements provided, the dentures can be created 12-14 days after the implantation. Wearing a removable temporary prothesis for months will no longer be necessary.

The proven „Ledermann Concept" from the 1970s comes into effect. For this concept, it is important that during the healing period, the inserted implants will be loaded just by the smallest amount possible. Moreover, brushing one's teeth carefully and eating soft food during the first 8-12 weeks after the surgery is the key to success.

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