Why implants?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root, which is surgically inserted into the lower and upper jaw. From here, implants take over the function of the tooth root and serve as carrier for the denture.

In comparison with the conventional full prosthesis, implants provide significant advantages: For instance, the bone level remains steady, whereas with removable prosthesis the bone will be losing substance little by little. Furthermore, complex bone augmentation is also not necessary.

Due to the fact, that there is no micro gap with one-piece implants, the probability of inflammations will be highly reduced.

Hardly anything is more pleasant than a beautiful smile. For this goal, the one-piece implantology is the right way to achieve the desired aesthetics – thanks to the latest scientific findings and proven expertise.

The minimally invasive method

A distinction is made between the conventional two-piece implant system and the minimally invasive one-piece implantation method. Although both methods achieve an equally high success rate, there is one crucial difference: With the minimally invasive method the surgical procedure is less elaborate. Mainly, the procedure requires only a fine drill through the gum. In consequence, it results far less time for wound healing and treatment in general.


The dental implants of nature Implants provide a stable foundation and anchor single crowns, bridges or removable dentures. Due to one single surgery and the little effort involved, the entire treatment is considerably more cost effective. In addition to the gentle surgical procedure and the resulting inexpensive outcome, the one-piece implantology belongs to the most attractive options to care for a patient.

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