Prosthetic Concepts

nature Implants. A maximum of aesthetic
and as individual as the patient

Patients request as top priority

One in aesthetics and function perfect dentures that meets the patient's request on in full , causes a significant increase in quality of life. Whith minimally invasive restorations , it is immaterial whether single or multiple teeth are replaced or complete bridges have to be made. The implants of nature Implants provide a firm basis to realize all these required prosthetic concepts reliably. A newly designed , larger implant head and an innovative thread geometry guarantee the patient a high degree of stability and thus decades of unadulterated joy on their dentures.

Mind the gap! Rarely rewarded 

The loss of one or several teeth is certainly primarily a cosmetic problem. Because nothing is nicer than a smile that shows healthy and perfect teeth. However, Missing teeth are also medically questionable , because it can lead to serious changes. Due to lack of teeth already healthy teeth migrate to tooth spaces and consequently cause a tooth loosening by incorrect loading. Unresolved misaligned teeth can affect so much the Kaumechanik that, ultimately, the jaw joint is damaged. In these and all other cases a quickly implemented dentures helps. 

Perfect results in no time 

With minimally invasive implantology and the special implants of nature Implants the required tooth replacement can be made already in 12 to 14 days. That means, a month-long temporary restoration is not required - whereas the fastest possible loading of the prosthesis is guaranteed only by a few dental meetings. It does not matter, whether single or multiple teeth tooth replacement is required or a removable bridge must be made. Implants of nature Implants form a stable foundation for all prosthetic concepts , thereby creating a high quality of life for patients.