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Minimally invasive implantology
with implants of nature Implants

Patients votes

The minimally invasive implantology is a new and innovative method that prevails itself at rapid speed. And this has a lot of reasons. Many satisfied and happy patients. Patients who have extremely gentle and quickly with fully resilient dental prosthesis that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of aesthetics and function. For a bit more quality of life.

Mrs. K. from Ortenberg (37 years old)

Based on my experience with two-piece implants , I never thought that I already get my crowns cemented nine weeks after my minimally invasive procedure with one-piece implants and immediate fixed provisional supply.

Mrs. R. from Nidda (62 years old)

I can now freely and uninhibited laugh at last. And the daily " operation" is still as easy and painless as if it were a piece of me! Yes, you gave me back some quality of life. Thank you!

Mrs. E. from Bad Nauheim (83 years old)

I'll make it short. Two painkillers after the procedure , no swelling and no pain the next day. Thank you for minimally invasive implantation.