Minimally invasive Implantology

Nature Implants. The patient-friendly way to a higher and long-lasting quality of life.

Concentrated know-how of experienced professionals

The implants of nature Implants have been developed by a team of experienced dentists and dental technicians on the latest knowledge specially for minimally invasive implantology. In this progressive method graceful implants are used in under-or upper jaw. There, they take over the function of the tooth root and offer an extremely reliable carrier unit for later dentures. 

Patient-friendly and within minutes

The special feature of minimally invasive implantology is that the implants can be used with very little effort on the patient, that is virtually bloodless. And in just a few minutes. While in the conventional method, the gum is opened by a surgical incision and several holes have to be made, the minimally invasive treatment comes with only a fine, very careful drilling (diameter 1.5 mm) through the gums, to put the implants in the jaw.

A method - innumerable benefits

The patients remain virtually painless due to the minimally invasive method. They will also benefit from a much shorter and faster wound healing resiliency of their implants. With the help of low complexity of the minimally invasive implantology there are only a few dental meetings needed to provide patients with complete dentures. Temporaries are now a thing of the past. 

Result 100 percent - price only 50 percent

The results are compared with the conventional method not in arrears. Why? The implants of nature Implants are a stable foundation and anchor single crowns , bridges or removable dentures. Due to the lower expense when inserting the implant, the entire treatment is much less expensive. Not only for this reason the minimally invasive implantology is already the future in dentistry