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Case Studies

Patients benefit from the procedure of Minimally Invasive Implantology in many ways. Thus, the operational burden is significantly lower than with the conventional method. Because the gum does not have to be cut open and unfolded. Rather, the implant is placed directly into the jawbone and bloodshed through the gums. The healing process is greatly reduced , and patients get at optimum performance and compliance with all by the dentist prescribed rules of conduct their complete dentures after 14 days.

This, the lower cost and the fact that a greatly improved aesthetics is possible even in challenging areas such as the anterior area with this advanced method , especially using the angled one-piece implants of nature Implants , make it the first choice for the patient.

Case Study „prosthesis“

Depending on the supply concept of the dentist it is possible using minimally invasive implantation to insert the definitive prosthesis after just 14 days , but no later then 10 weeks. The image sequence shows an example of what outstanding results are possible by the concept of minimally invasive implantation :


Starting point is an edentulous mandible


Starting point is an edentulous mandible


Then the bone is thoroughly investigated with a probe


The bone preformer compresses the bone in the thread form.


First, the implant is carefully inserted by hand.


Then screwed with a defined torque


With an insertion torque between 30 and 50 Ncm, the implant sits primarily stable.


The nature Implant was used without bloodshed


After implantation a temporary restoration is made for the patient.


Fitting the bar construction


Inclusion of the finished removable bar prosthesis