nature Implants: Optimal results
for a small eternity

The guarantee for highest wearing comfort in the long run

Assembled conical crowns make divergence balancing unnecessary

Even with removable dentures nature Implants completely breaks new ground . Until now , it applies for example for dentures or removable bridges locator, that a divergence of up to 20 degrees can be compensated between the Locatern over different retention inserts. In practice, however, this is as good as not feasible. As a result , the combined denture is not perfect and can become loose after a certain time. A re-adjustment by the dentist is necessary. Therefore, nature Implants offers prefabricated conical crowns with different inclinations that make a divergence compensation unnecessary. 

With Custom made to full patient satisfaction

With these different inclinations , the non-uniform axial directions of the implants can be optimally adjusted to below 2 degrees. The different axial directions are determined by a parallelometer. That is, the prefabricated conical crowns form a perfect plane with each other for receiving the telescopic bridge. A relaxation is by the optimal interaction of each prefabricated conical crowns with her retention insert almost impossible. High-quality custom work , which is applicable due to the low cost and in the case of removable bridges and guarantees lasting patient satisfaction.. Shortly before, this new process will have passed all the required tests. 

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