Minimally invasive implantology

nature Implants: Groundbreaking technology
that meets the highest demands

The high demands of the dentist and the patient is always in focus

The one-piece implants of nature Implants combine the latest scientific findings with the very high requirements of dentists and patients. They differ in material respects from all conventional implants.

Novel thread geometry for superior stability

Implants of nature Implants have a very special thread geometry. The patented plate threaded┬« has wider edges. Due to this increase in area it a maximum stability in the chewing is also achieved not only against axial, but also against the side forces occuring. 

Perfect results even with minimal bone density

In addition, the thread is constructed similar to a compression screw. At the implant tip it is designed torpedo-shaped, self-centering and spirally, while the thread proceeds two consistently in the last third. Due to this particularity, the implants prior to insertion can be optimally centered, and be screwed exact and gentle for the patient. With the help of an exact bore, it is also excluded that bacteria can migrate into the sulcus. This is possible even at a very low horizontal bone density of only 2.5 mm (Bone - splitting). In comparison: With conventional methods a bone density of about 6mm is required.  

Angled implants for special jaw anatomy

In addition to straight implants, the range of nature Implants also offers those with an angulation of 15 degrees. Due to the inward jaw anatomy straight implants in many cases stands to the outside and therefore have to be strong ground down. This problem does not apply to the one-piece version of the angled implants. Because natural tooth roots often have a slight curvature in their anatomy, the designers of nature Implants designed a bend to the implant. After many tests implants in an inclination of 15 degrees have been found most compatible for all requirements in this context, so that the dentist often no longer had to grind after insertion of the implant. 

Perfect dentures with small gaps

Another new development is the system for the screwing of the angled implants. In nature Implants the key is not attached to the outside of the implant, but inside. Thats why angled implants can be bring into the jaw like the straight version without space -eating of the key tool to A revolutionary new design that allows the dentist even with a minimum space occupation, for example, with small tooth gaps in the anterior region, to use angled implants easily and without distraction. The result is a unique look.

Less effort - happy patients

No matter to which indication it is. With the minimally invasive method and implants of nature Implants the dentist has compared with conventional methods a significantly lower effort. However, the results obtained here hold any comparison. Less effort and happy patients. Nature Implants makes it possible.

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